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Mapx is an international company providing Financial  services to customers worldwide. The company has recently launched its activity on the market and has the ambition to become one of the fastest Financial companies in the industry. Services are provided in 5 of the most spoken languages in the world – English, Russian, Arabic, Italian and German.


Our team successfully identifies and resolves technical issues, and provides ongoing services to our clients. The company is engaged in marketing surveys, providing its customers with better, modern and successful services.

We are proud of high-quality services, dynamic practices and our employees’ professional development.


Mapx provides services to end users benefiting from the advantages of a contact call center. using outsourcing to ensure well-organized, structured, and optimized business processes.

The company uses B2B marketing to develop its own data base, as well as a data base with existing potential customers (B2C), and applies appropriate customer feedback processes.


The company’s presence in recognized customer service rankings is a high appreciation of the efforts made by our international management team.

Mapx provides efficient marketing solutions generating sufficiently perspective solutions for our customers. The company specializes in the field of telemarketing and direct sales.

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Mapx is a part of a large international company and we are a leading business factor in Bulgaria and all around the world. Our goal is to maintain a strong and effective relationship with our employees and our clients and to move forward to a better future.

Deliver first class and innovative solutions that support the business development of our clients and increase the personal complacency of our employers.

Strategy and Operations

Our global network of Strategy & Operations professionals draws on the strength of Deloitte’s full suite of professional services and industry experience to focus solutions on the real issues affecting businesses today.


Optimizing your digital channels to conduct and maintain a conversation between the brand and its supporters and followers. Creating an engaging and relevant brand narrative that consistently highlights the brand value across the web and social media channels


Design and build a visually creative and exciting website for your company, organization or brand for cross platform display.

Social Media Management

Managing your social media and digital promotion of your brand through social media networking and content distribution.


Today, business and technology innovation are inextricably linked and the demand for technology-enabled business transformation services is rapidly growing. Deloitte’s global network of technology professionals help clients resolve their most critical information and technology challenges.

Online Support

Our company offers legal advice and counseling for your business needs . Our legal consulting team possesses expertise in the area of local and European law.


Join us today, we are a business introducer and we are always looking for fresh blood. We aim to train and guide each aspiring young professional in the largest financial community on the planet. We offer great jobs with unmatched opportunities for development

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